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    Extended program

    for breast cancer patients

    Wide range of possibilities

    Psycho-oncology consultation hours
    Cancer is a considerable burden for those affected and their relatives. The support of psycho-oncological psychotherapy can be an important help in dealing with this new life situation. Often it is about finding your own strength again. Sometimes new perspectives and a deeper understanding open up. The procedure depends on the concerns of the person affected.

    Outpatient oncological rehabilitation
    The diagnosis and treatment of cancer often place extraordinary demands on those affected. Recovery can be supported by outpatient oncological rehabilitation, where the program is individually tailored to wishes and indications.

    We are supported in this offer by specialists from the Zurich Cancer League.

    Strengthening the self-healing powers – In breast cancer, treatment with traditional Chinese medicine can have a variety of positive effects alongside conventional medical treatment.

    On the one hand, Chinese medicine is able to support conventional medicine by improving therapeutic long-term effects and alleviating side effects of surgical interventions, radiotherapy and drug therapy. On the other hand, TCM treatment can also help improve the patient’s situation by providing emotional support and increasing overall well-being. Both give the patient the feeling of being able to actively participate in the treatment, which supports the self-healing powers and thus improves the quality of life in this difficult situation.

    Our Chinese medicine expert, Sarah Meier, specializes in treating gynecology patients. She supports women and men affected by breast cancer with the methods of Chinese medicine in an individual form of therapy. This comprises acupuncture and naturopathy, including herbal medicine.

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    With the diagnosis of breast cancer, many women feel the need to contribute to their own recovery. They look for ways to become active themselves and turn to natural healing methods to gently activate the body’s own healing powers.

    Many complementary therapies are now well studied scientifically and have proven to be useful and safe adjuncts when combined with conventional therapies. However, there are also methods that are less well studied and/or whose safety is questionable. Here it is important to distinguish between what is useful and what may be harmful.

    The benefit of accompanying complementary therapy lies in supporting the body’s own defenses and activating the self-healing powers to alleviate side effects of conventional therapy without compromising the desired effect.

    The focus of complementary counseling is to find a procedure or procedures and a healing method suitable for the individual woman and her specific disease situation, which are then tailored to personal needs. In addition, the (re)discovery and promotion of one’s own resources are the main focus of the counseling – “what can I do myself” on my way to recovery.

    The consultations are conducted in cooperation with Dr. Teelke Beck, MD, MA, who, after nine years at the Zurich Breast Center as a core team surgeon, has been running her own practice in Richterswil since 2016 and has been combining conventional medicine with complementary medicine for many years.

    For more information, visit

    A beautiful breast represents femininity. Therefore, after breast surgery, many women lose their self-confidence, especially after radical surgery with simultaneous loss of the nipple. In the reconstruction of the nipple, medical pigmentation of the areola has found its place in recent years as an alternative to plastic surgery.

    Other options for cosmetic pigmentation:

    • Following surgery with partial or total loss of eyebrows or lips
    • After chemotherapy with partial or total loss of brows or eyelashes
    • For burns
    • For scars after accidents
    • For circular hair loss

    If you would like to learn more about medical pigmentation or in particular about pigmentation of the areola, Astrid Keller will be happy to advise you. Appointments can be made at any time at the Zurich Breast Center or directly with her:

    Astrid Keller
    T +41 44 533 81 00

    Let us put a smile on your face
    Enjoy some feel-good moments where you can experience carefree hours. “Look Good, Feel Better” offers exclusive workshops to which you, as a person affected by cancer, are cordially invited to participate. Thanks to the support of leading cosmetics companies in Switzerland, we make it possible for you to participate free of charge.

    We are convinced that our commitment will strengthen your self-confidence and zest for life. In addition, our offer gives you the opportunity to exchange experiences with other participants in a light-hearted setting.

    Pamper yourself
    Our volunteer professionals will guide you through the two-hour workshop in a dedicated and personal way. In a relaxed atmosphere, they will show you how to better deal with the visible consequences of your therapy. You will receive application help and recommendations from skin care to professional makeup. This time-out will give you energy and put a smile on your face.

    The number of participants per workshop is limited. Select the location of your choice and register right away:

    For more information, contact:
    Look Good Feel Better Foundation
    Breitingerstrasse 35
    8002 Zurich
    043 243 03 35

    We all know people with cancer in our circle of family and friends. In the canton of Zurich alone, more than 7700 people contract the disease every year. The Zurich Cancer League advises those affected and their loved ones on social security, family and workplace issues, and offers concrete help in everyday life as well as financial support. It accompanies them with psycho-oncological therapy and strengthens through outpatient onco-rehabilitation and with a diverse course catalogue. Their meeting centers in Zurich and Winterthur offer space for exchange and for pausing a moment, without an appointment. They are also involved in cancer prevention and support young cancer researchers at institutes in the canton of Zurich.

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